Samaram Group

About SAMARAM Group

With nearly 6 years of experience, SAMARAM Group is one of the leading  collections in its sector and has achieved great success since its establishment.

Operating in real estate, investment, international trade and tourism , SAMARAM Group serves many internationally respected corporate and individual customers.

Established in the early 2016s under the leadership of Mojtaba Sotoudeh, Chairman of SAMARAM Group’s Board of Directors. The Group recorded significant accomplishments in the  sectors.

SAMARAM Group develops new investment opportunities for sustainable returns and continuously builds up its portfolio and services.

Group brings reputable real estate investors together including international companies, individual investors, international mutual fundsmembers.

Its team of experts serve a wide range of portfolio from residential and commercial properties to maximize our investors’ return and also provide ample investment options from villas, offices to residences.

This is the motto of Samaram Group

Investing is an art

We are with you in acquiring this art.


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Pre-sale, real estate sales in Istanbul



SAMACO Investment is one of the reputable investment Group in Turkey , China and UAE with interests in a variety of budding business sectors.

We bring reputable investors together including international companies, individual investors, international mutual funds .

SAMACO Investment has played a vital role in the development of Turkish and Iran capital markets by paving the way for many of the country’s leading businesses to meet international businesses for the first time.

Our goal is to constantly develop new investment opportunities with a deep understanding of dynamics of investment market in Turkey’s expanding market.

Real Estate Department

ÖZELLER İNŞAAT, which is a subgroup of SAMARAM Group , is a real estate  company with over a decade of experience, presents to you a unique customer-oriented services and a professional code of conduct. By developing new investment models in the field, it entered to the  market with a team specialized in developing profitable opportunities for high-yield investments.

For the target of providing end-to-end solutions, guidance and counselling to both corporate and individual international investors who want to invest in property to make sustainable returns in Turkish Real Estate Market.

ÖZELLER İNŞAAT consists of experienced and highly qualified team of experts known for their ability to identify opportunities and developing wide range of portfolio that meet its investors needs with various investment strategies at every stage of the process.

We guarantee our investors the impartial and objective advice that will help them find the highest possible quality at the best possible profitability, leading to top possible satisfaction.

also offer a full range of real estate services starting with receiving customers from the airport and ending with the completion of the sale and after sales services.

We have a team of real estate consultants and real estate investment experts who cater the needs of customers with the best prices.

The aim of the company is to build relationships with its customers, demonstrating trust and credibility by providing marketing and sales services to developers and investors with added value.

We also aim to increase the company’s presence in the global real estate market through systematic plans to accommodate the latest and future aspirations of the future.

6 years of experience has enabled the company to accelerate the development of real estate within Turkey and has worked to provide flexible real estate solutions suitable for all segments of society with convenient financing options.


As an international trading company Eurasia Logistics Bank ( ELB)  sits at the heart of global trade path and functions as a trading intermediary in the fields of sales, distribution, import and export.

We are structured to engage in commerce with foreign countries or territories to expand markets for both goods and services.

We understand the differences in every market to develop best solutions and optimize opportunities for our customers. We give priority to build the long-term relationship with our reputation for reliably delivering the required needs cost-effectively and right on time.

With our passionate business approach and experiences we aim to be the region’s most trusted solution partner in turn-key projects and offer comprehensive services to our business partners.

We have trading partners in: Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, China, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, We are Britain.