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SAMARAM International Trading Group aims to provide specialized in Investment, Hedging, Search Market,Advertising ,Marketing, provision of international contract, Tax, Insurance, Import, Export, Shipping services,Tourism Investment and Tourism therapeutic by a team of managers and practitioners active in all areas of business and trade, utilizing the expertise of international professionals to provide international services.
Also, the SAMARAM consulting team, given the precise knowledge of the International market and extensive communication with foreign experts and consultants, has the ability to meet the needs of domestic and international customers based on world-class patterns in the shortest time.The committed team of SAMARAM International Trading Group is pleased to take a step forward in the quality of the advice and guarantee of investment in international trade.

Our team is ready to cooperate in supplying raw materials for oil and petrochemical industries, textile, agriculture, roads and buildings.
Machinery and tools for the oil and gas industry, petrochemicals, textiles, agriculture, roads and buildings.

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Email: Samaramco@gmail.com

Our goals and plans

Our team has invested in the following sectors, with the aim of enhancing quality and finding new markets.

Investment in production

Therapeutic tourist

Productive trade


Undoubtedly, the highest service is to create a way for a better human life. We have made every effort to achieve this goal. A good life is the right of all human beings of every religion, nationality, color, and race.

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