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SAMARAM Trading Group, with more than ten years of experience in building trust, for more than a thousand commercial and investment companies.

What makes your business stronger and bigger. Undoubtedly the trust of your customers. So all your efforts should not be to make more profit. Instead, try to gain the trust of your customers. This is how your business will look global and permanent.
Mr Sotoudeh

Certainly the investment debate and its importance on strengthening the economy, reducing poverty, creating employment and increasing wealth are not overlooked by anyone, but what is certain in the area economy is that this road is uneven and investment in area despite all the potential and advantages mentioned Has many problems that in many cases discourages the investor from investing. SAMARAM Group, with the priority of expertise, speed and experience, is taking steps to reduce the problems of investors, and taking advantage of the commitment of dear and respected investors at all stages of the process, increases productivity, reduces risk and guarantees. Make them profitable.

At the end of the day, I am convinced that Shakir is at the door of Allah Almighty regarding the efforts made by friends in setting up SAMARAM Group, and I believe that with the grace and privilege of excellence, the expertise and loyalty of the members of the group, along with the trust of investors, promotes development and prosperity. This Group , and as the quality of its services increases, we will see the growth of the industry, employment generation, and guaranteeing the profitability of investments in area.

With the hope of a day in which we can deliver quality and reliable services in the region and in the world.

Thanks and appreciate
Engineer Sotoudeh, founder and director of SAMARAM Group

Email : samaramco@gmail.com