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Our Consultants

We collaborate across specialties to help you find and develop outstanding leaders, improve team and board performance, and align organizational culture with strategy.

Business Consulting

By working with you, we know that we can find the ideal concept to meet your specific requirements.

Get in touch with us to discuss how and your specific business consulting services can help you to get more output of your business.

Uncover digital possibilities with us, and turn them to your advantage

Whether you work in the public sector, a bank or in retail, the question remains the same. How do your users get a comfy, safe, and convenient experience through your services?

You ask yourself this question because today’s challenges are entirely different than just a few years back. And today’s solutions are found in the beautiful world of technology. Join us in the hunt for your next digital solution!

Head of Consulting Group

Mr. Sotoudeh, with over 10 years of experience in various sectors of international trade, is the head of our team of consultants.................................................................. RESUME : Managment of Advertising (KATAJ) Market Development, Consulting Forex Exchange (IIBC) Consulting of International Trade ( More than 50 trading companies ) Software Engineering (TAHA SYSTEM ) Market Expansion (More than 10 investment holding ) Provision of Capital (More than10 investment holding ) Managing Director (SAMARAM Economic Group)

Starting a new business has both risks and rewards. Working to minimize those risks and maximize those rewards.