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Consulting, Market research, International trade ( Import, Export ):

Market research allows companies to determine which foreign markets have the most potential for their products.
Firms starting to export will help them to predict market entry to the demographic and physical environment, political environment, economic factors, social and cultural environment.

Providing raw materials and advising on exporting to American continent Latin and South, Europe, Oceania, East Asia and the Middle East.
We as SAMARAM Group will help you in international trade.
A foreigner (legal or actual) to buy or sell a contract
The summary of the activities consists of:
International advertising and marketing
Performa publishing
Expenditure review shipping to other countries or import them into your country
Examining customs procedures
Examine insurance transactions
Destruction of goods
Shipping operations
Payments from the bank (T / T cash, L / C earlier, deposit, deposit)
Our consultants and experts help you with these procedures.

Import & Export

Export and import are important for the development and growth of international and domestic trade and economies, in order to protect and expanse your domestic and international trade contact our international trade department.


In simple words, it is possible to transport goods internationally from one country to another country, which is done by intermediaries and the international shipping company.  SAMARAM International Trading Group is ready to provide this service to its customers.